Tuesday, August 11, 2009

School Time

I am filled with anticipation, wondering and even doubt as I prepare to head back to college. You see, over the years I have changed my mind back and forth about whether I should go. So I didn't make any grand plans, but when God opened the door for me to be able to go last year, I walked through it. And He has continued to hold it open, providing with each thing, including money, that I need to go.

There aren't many colleges (a small few I am sure) like Belhaven. So small and personal, Christian worldview curriculum, a wonderful Christian art program, smart and caring professors, beautiful campus, and large homeschool percent of the student body. Belhaven is far from perfect but a chance to play tennis and learn the art skills from a rare gifted art instructor has been a treat.

So I am going back with no intention of quitting. I miss my family and even wonder if I should leave home. But my parents do want me to go if I can. College is not for everyone and girls especially should think twice before following the trend. In my case I am learning things that I could not have learned at home and the life experience has been valuable. I will continue to pray and follow God's leading one step at a time.

I think that God has a different path for each of us, but reading the Bible is the clearest way to understanding God's plan for us. The Bible doesn't say girls may not go to college. It does say what is expected from a Christ-honoring woman. A helpmeet to her husband, mother to her children, minister to the needy, teaching God's Word to younger women. This is not a career woman who pursues her own goals above others, although she may have a source of income. I hope that my college experiences, and especially my art classes, will make me a better woman and most importantly better able to fulfill the role Christ has for me to play down the road.

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