Friday, March 13, 2009

This is my first time having a blog, but I have decided that it would be a good way to share my thoughts about things and keep friends up to date on what I am up to.

Today is the first day of our Spring break here at Belhaven College. Yay! I can breath again. I am going to ride back home with my dad and then carpool back to school next week. I am looking forward to a week of less studying, and more drawing. I have design projects to complete, but I will enjoy doing those at home. I am glad to be able to spend time with my family, especially my 3 yr. old brother. It would be rather lonely to stay on campus, but as several people are doing it -i hope they find plenty to do!

It has been such a pretty spring. Today is so rainy and cold, it reminds me just how special those "perfect" days are. I love looking for those little signs of God's love. Something as ordinary as a blue sky reminds me who is in control and gives me the perspective I need to encourage me when I am down.

I look forward to sharing with you over the coming days and weeks!