Sunday, September 20, 2009

Joy in the Small Things

We have all heard the saying, “stop and smell the roses.” We know that out there somewhere in our busy hectic lives there is beauty and joy. But we can't really stop right now... If you're like me, existence has been defined more by putting one foot in front of the other just to survive. For me, pressures and concerns have been slowly sapping the joy from life as I've plodded from class to class and one late night of assignments to another. But there is a better way. It involves a child-like faith in the Creator that surviving moment by moment is ok. He is taking care of us and wants us to be completely dependent on him. Knowing this provides me with an assurance that I can take a deep breath and press through day to day tasks, not without tiring, but with a strength that comes only from the Lord. It also involves in remembering to take pleasure in one's tasks, in the small things, and in our purpose. For me, this means that as wake up for a 6:00 a.m. tennis practice, I can thank the Lord that I get to play tennis. Really!, I love tennis, what a fun game! Or when I am stuck in a drawing at midnight, needing to finish but the grueling marks just won't come out right, I can remember that I love to draw. Sure there are things I do not like, but seeing those things that make one's moments sparkle help us to survive. Every time I walk past the roses on campus, I turn my head and just look at them for a second as I walk past. They really do cheer me up. One of my favorite things to cosider when all else seems to fail is the sky; I look up and just drink in the wide expanse of blue or beautiful clouds. Remembering that I am here for a reason, also helps to keep me from despair. Even if where we are doesn't make sense the way we want it to, we can know that we have purpose as Bearers of Christ's Light to our world and as saints on the road of sanctification. I pray that the Holy Spirit would fill me with his joy and hope in my life this week.

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